What We Do

Insight Academia is a search engine able to visualize the search outcomes as a network of connected entities.

Based on your query, we visualize researchers and articles highlighting what’s relevant for you.

“Be relevant, find all the knowledge you need in just two clicks”

How It Works

The Challenge

The amount of scientific knowledge is increasing day by day and spreading among various sources – scientific journals, universities, and social networks. It makes hard to uncover what is relevant to you in academia.

The Solution

Insight Academia helps you to find the knowledge you are looking for in just two clicks, keeping all your data in one place.

The Vision

We visualize what is hidden in the scientific panorama helping you feed your academic intuitions.



Academic people, papers, grants, universities, and industry. We build around everything relevant to the academic world.


Search for what you want and be there in just two clicks.


We keep improving search after search always bringing you where you want to go a bit faster.


Business Development

Parid Doksani

Tech Development

Agzam Idrissov

Advisory Board

Will Wright

Tech Development

Andreas Harmuth

Advisory Board

Lars Rønn Olsen

Advisory Board

Huram Konjen